Transform participants experience to a lasting memory

In Part 1 our focus was on 5 key prep-steps under the heading of “Preparation leaders need, to achieve success” during which time we introduced the Pre-event checklist for facilitators.

For Part 2 titled “Leaders need to learn how to facilitate” – we explored 6 topics, from ringing the opening bell to pounding the closing bell. They spanned the duration of the workshop, and were supported by the Facilitators Game Plan

At the end of Part 2 we gave you a Call to Action – for you to apply what you had learnt in Parts 1 & 2, before joining us for Part 3 and unlocking the secrets to empowerment which you experience when you knowingly create behavioural change in the workplace.

The fact that you are listening to this today, can mean only one thing – you have had a chance to practice your learnings and are ready for the final instalment – if so, congratulations!

It’s great that you have taken the time and learnt the ropes so to speak. It’s a profession which can be highly rewarding once you learn how to master it.

In Part 3 – the shortest of the 3 parts, we’ll learn how to Transform participants experience to a lasting memory, together with the final download in this series called the “Post-event guide for facilitators” which, in addition to providing helpful advice and guidance, is filled with great insights, reference sites and book suggestions. It’s a truly awesome way to round out this series.

So what to expect from this final part? Well it’s all about how we as facilitators can guide the post-workshop experience and create the mystical link between what was learnt during and what is implemented post the workshop. I’m going to break it into 3 clusters. They are – the Fundamentals, the Foundation layers and the bridge builders and if you look at your downloaded Post-event guide you will notice that pages 2 to 4 each have one of these headings.

The fundamentals – these are the given activities which should follow each workshop, but happen surprisingly few times – at least this has been our experience.

The foundation layers – are those steps which provide opportunities and enable the participants to recall learnings, discuss and learn from others experience.

The bridge builders – well these are the futurists, using tools and methods only made possible through big & micro data analytics, AI and machine learning. A landscape where individual adaptive refresher learning is now a reality. 

The success of each of these clusters are based on the premise that spaced repetition increases knowledge retention, which in turn heightens the potential for the competence, skill and or knowledge to be put into practice. Thereby providing tangible R.O.I. The holy grail of all learning bodies.

We’ve enjoyed producing this series and are looking forward to our future podcasts. Here’s a sampling of the subjects we’ll be covering;

  • Peak performance & flow
  • The Change dilemma
  • Effective delegation
  • Offering feedback
  • Conflicts for leaders
  • Cultural awareness in our global world
  • Dealing with values & beliefs
  • Leading through diversity & inclusion
  • Millennials vs Baby Boomers
  • Adult learning theories
  • Corporate education
  • To coach or mentor
  • Leadership strategies
  • Our future office

Well that’s it for now. We look forward to you joining us again as we build and enhance your leadership capabilities together. Be sure to check out the rest of our blog site, where I play the role of your Coach and together with three other elevator-escalator tribal groups “Our Legends”, “Our Innovators” and “Our Cheque Writers” we are regularly posting new articles and videos – each one aimed at sharing their experiences and passing on their learnings. Until then take care and happy facilitating.

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