Future fit with Learning – a disruptors journey

written by Yanni Chen

Recently I saw “Future Fit with Learning” as the slogan for the Learning Day activity of a leading technological company.

And I was inspired by them to reflect on the purpose of what I have done in the recent years.

My young 28-year existence has been continuously impacted through learning experiences. At childhood I was fortunate in becoming the #1 student in my class and that triggered an inner desire to explore and learn which continued through college life.

However, in recent years, I find that what I’ve learnt in school can no longer keep the pace with developments in society. I believe you will have heard of the term “VUCA” – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, which describes the business world surrounding us today.

Nowadays to accommodate the rapid changes in our society, people tend to turn to bite-size learnings using their mobile apps, etc. I also continue to apply a lot of effort on learning & developing, which is what I want to share with you in this article.

Learning @ work….

Among all learning methodologies, I believe the most valuable part is my learning experience gained through practical applications at work.

I’ve worked as a learning expert for many years since my graduation at an elevator company, specializing in course design & development.

This job keeps me alert on what is happening in the learning area and helps me to be in the front of this industry.

(facilitating a course)

Digitalization is a key word from my past 5 years and I feel honored to be a pioneer to digitalize the learning solutions which help to develop others.

Recently, with the knowledge and skills acquired, I left the elevator industry to join the talent management & organization development arena for an automotive company, thus continuing my career of inspiring and enabling people to transformation.

Learning @ MBA….

I started my MBA during my pregnancy period.

Many friends asked me if it would become too overwhelming and if I could devote sufficient time with my baby. Despite their concerns and with the support of my family, I insisted on pursuing this dream.

Now I’m half way through the study, with a toddler of 1 year and I’m still able to really enjoy the time I spent on my study.

It has indeed occupied a lot of spare capacity with a huge amount of case studies, discussions and examinations.

But in parallel I realize the benefits which will come in the end as a result of my perseverance – both in business where I’m gaining a much broader perspective, as well as personally where I’m strengthening my internal belief that I can achieve anything and everything which I apply myself too.

Learning @ travel….

In the past years, I have travelled to many countries across Europe and Asia, seeing a lot of places and its people.

There is a famous Chinese saying, “Man who travels far knows more”. This travel has greatly helped me know more about different cultures, history and the life style with-in these countries. Thereby making it easier communicate with people of differing backgrounds.

Recently, I joined a study tour to Singapore and was really inspired a lot by Singaporean’s capability to build up a country with a such limit of resources and talents.

(Inspired by Singaporean’s municipal construction)

Learning @ mobile….

Mobile learning is the last part area I will touch on today. I’ve worked with this subject for quite a long time and I’m a firm believer in its functionality, enabling people to learn anytime and anywhere, especially the younger generation.

However, personally I am not a bite-size learner.

I always try to have some time dedicated to learning. Currently I try to have at least 1-2 hour every evening to read books, watch videos and listen to podcasts from business schools and am planning to expand the time to learn more.

My favourite playlist from TED

Let’s come back to our topic – “Future Fit with Learning”. I really like this slogan a lot because it reflects my motivation towards learning very well – to be more fit with the world in the future.

Looking back from my previous years, I was shocked by the pace of development in the past 10 years. Numerous new technologies have boomed, including blockchain, AI, VR, etc. All of which are influencing and shaping our work and life style. Whilst at the same time I still find many people don’t want to change or even can’t see the necessity for change.

One friend gets up every day at 5:00 a.m. to read and starts his own business to influence others to read.

My husband listens to podcasts every day on his way to work and back home and have read hundreds of books over the past 3 years. To be competitive and fit in the future is not always easy, but how do you know even without trying?

And so, to my future industry predictions….

A note from your host, Wayne ….

Thanks Yanni. Being myself heavily involved in learning and helping shape the future landscape for our industry in this regard, I can fully align with the comments Yanni has made. We are truly at the pioneering stage of our journey into learning digitalization and need to be careful that we don’t simply turn digital to satisfy one or two generations at the expense of the rest of the workforce.

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Bye for now