couchTALK Introduction_100

Welcome to this first episode of couchTALK – an introduction to how we will be coaching our elevator-escalator global tribe.

As with our Coaches blogs and videos (Mentors Rant), these couchTALK episodes are devoted to sharing experiences, insights and learnings with our global elevator-escalator leaders and preparing them to lead successfully. The sharing and learnings will come from 4 groups;

  • Our Legends, those with 30 years or more working experience in our industry
  • Our Innovators, those disruptors that are looking to shape our industries future
  • Our Cheque Writers, those from outside of our tribe but whom influence everything we do
  • and myself as your coach and host through-out this journey,

Seth Godin and TRIBES – during this episode we reference to Seth and his book called TRIBES. Please find below links to his site and TED Talk on the subject. It’s a fascinating concept and one which we believe depicts our global elevator-escalator group perfectly. Note that when we mention our global tribe, we are not referring to one individual company but the industry as a whole.

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