“Executives seeking rewards from construction industry boom”

Hi to all of our tribal executives. I’m feeling pretty relaxed and recharged right now having just spent and enjoyable 1 ½ weeks on holidays with my wife. And it’s not often that I get the opportunity to kick back and enjoy my travels as a tourist. More typically I’m roam the world supporting our business partners and campus colleagues.

Leaders ponder future of construction industry in Ho Chi Minh City

It’s more than 10 years since I last visited the heavily populated Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. Last week I had the opportunity to return and host a Sales workshop. During my absence the construction growth has been significant, capped off in 2018, when the city opened the Vincom Landmark 81, a 461m tall skyscrapper, the second tallest in the world that year, playing runner up to the 528m China Zun building in Beijing.

“2019 conference allows Leaders to experience HK’s hustle, cuisine and nightlife”

Having recently spent a week in HK with 350 leaders of our organization, it reminded me not to take our surroundings for granted. Living here in Asia at this moment in history is a true blessing. Surrounded by countries that are desperately trying to establish and rebrand themselves from the label of developing nations, is spurring innovation and helping industries like ours thrive.

“Population density creates opportunities, whilst democracy restricts them”

Which country is my headline referring to? None other than the world’s largest democracy – India. With an estimated population in 2018 of 1.35 billion people of which; 80% follow the Hindu religion. 40% are vegetarians. 23 official languages and more than 1000 minor languages and dialects and yet is …